FranchiseBlast includes an easy to use task system. Tasks can be assigned to any user, who will receive a notification email and reminders until the task is complete. Although the task system is generic and can be used on its own, it is fully integrated with other sections in FranchiseBlast such as our Field Audits App. As an example, field consultants setup tasks to be completed after an audit and FranchiseBlast helps increase accountability.

Action Plans

Action plans are checklists of tasks which need to be completed in relation to a certain event. For example, a store opening requires hundreds of tasks to be performed by dozens of individuals. By creating a store opening action plan in FranchiseBlast, tasks are assigned to the appropriate individuals and progress of the project can be tracked from one central location. This project management tool can also be used for franchisee renewals, remodels, transfers or any other complex set of tasks.