As a franchisor, it is essential you periodically visit and evaluate your franchisees. The FranchiseBlast Franchisee Field Audits App lets you schedule, perform, analyze and act upon field audits to improve your franchise. Because of the distributed nature of a franchise, franchisee field audits are a key component of continuous franchise improvement. Being in constant contact with your franchisees helps you improve franchisee engagement and unit-level economics but also ensure franchisee compliance.

Being fully-digital, our Franchisee Field Audits App reduces the overhead placed on the franchisor’s field support staff while bringing critical information to the franchisor’s fingertips. It is compatible with the Apple iPad but, given it is a web application, works on any mobile device with Internet access! Also of note: your field support staff will be able to take pictures during their visit to be included with their field audit! A great way to visually identify problems… and make sure they get resolved!

While each franchise system names these differently ( “store performance assessments”, “franchisee evaluations”, “field visits”, “store audits”, “field operations reviews”), field audits simply introduce a structured process and standardized evaluation questionnaires to franchisee visits. We love our Franchisee Field Audits App so much, we created a mini-site just for this feature! Click here to learn more about our Franchisee Field Audits App