Franchisee Self-assessments for Continuous Improvement.

Franchises typically have their franchise business coaches visit franchisees on a quarterly basis to assess the franchisee’s situation and coach them to improve. They typically use our franchisee field audits app for this purpose.  However, what do you do in between visits? Or what do you do if your franchise’s unit-level economics only let you visit once a year or once every two years like many mobile service franchises? Franchisee self-assessments!

Some forward-thinking franchises are using self-assessments to help their franchisees continuously improve, but you too can start leveraging the power of self-assessments without having to devise a full blown continuous improvement campaign.

Franchisee Self-assessments Solutions by FranchiseBlast

You most likely already have a questionnaire within our franchisee field audits app used by your field support staff. Why not give franchisees the power to perform ad-hoc audits on themselves at any time? That way, they can keep a pulse on how they are performing and be properly prepared for the next visit. We have heard countless times from franchisees that it’s almost impossible to always pass external evaluations (especially food safety audits)  if you don’t hold yourself to higher standards in between visits.  Franchisees are thankful when the franchisor supplies them with the tools they need to continuously improve.

Additionally, for franchises who cannot visit their locations as frequently, self-assessments are practically the only tool at their disposal to ensure brand consistency and compliance. Franchisees can submit pictures of their location, vehicle or other items which are relevant to the brand.

Ad-hoc self-assessments are good, but recurring self-assessments are better. Instead of auditing themselves when they feel like it via our field audits app, our franchisee polling app can be leveraged to request that they audit themselves on a recurring basis, say once a month. The process is fully automated – we blast out your audit questionnaire on a recurring basis and franchisees fill them out using the same audit tools. Reminders are sent to people who haven’t filled out the assessment in the expected time frame.

Leveraging our polling module has the added advantage that you can see collection rates by period (ex: 80% of franchisees filled it out in September, 82% in October, etc.). Additionally, the reminders help keep people on track even when they get sucked into day-to-day operations.

Did you know: recurring self-assessments can also be done on a daily basis (line checks, temp checks, HACCP logs, store opening/closing checklists, etc.) with your Performance Plus package.

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