Franchise Management & Operations Software

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Franchise software is essential for managing a successful franchise business. You need to know what’s going on with all of your franchisees on a constant basis, and you need to empower your franchisees to succeed by providing them with easy-to-use, customizable software.

FranchiseBlast provides operational software exclusively to the franchise industry, which means we understand your needs and requirements better than anyone else. FranchiseBlast is optimized for your needs and your unique business processes.


Which version of FranchiseBlast is best for you?

  • Essentials

    A franchise intranet to collaborate with your franchisees (news, marketing documents, training videos),  sell supplies to your franchisees and review your sales & royalties. FranchiseBlast Essentials is the starting point for any franchise.

  • Service

    For service franchises. Includes all the features found in FranchiseBlast Essentials, plus lets your franchisees manage their customers, schedules and invoices. A full solution for your day-to-day service franchise needs.

  • Retail

    For retail stores. Includes all the features found in FranchiseBlast Essentials plus a franchise point of sale deployed in each of your brick & mortar locations, putting the aggregate store data at your fingertips.

FranchiseBlast Franchise Software Benefits

Giving franchisees the tools they need to easily manage their businesses, improving the opportunities for increasing revenue and success.

Giving you the franchisor complete and up-to-the minute insight into what’s going on with all franchisees.

Connecting you and your franchisees to improve communication and collaboration, resulting in increased learning and better run franchise businesses.