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Learn How to Create Actionable Insights.

What a service franchisor chooses to review, focus on, during field visits and remote performance assessments can make or break its ability to produce actionable insights which improve audits, coaching and franchise system performance.

Each franchisor will have their formula of success to impact franchisee performance. Naturally, when approaching their franchisee coaching programs and how to provide actionable information, service franchises need to consider what makes sense economically as it relates to their average unit-level volume (AUV). Regardless of AUV, every franchisor can ask themselves some common questions when approaching and perfecting this formula such as:

1. How should customer service be measured?
2. How should brand consistency be measured?
3. What should be the focus of legal compliance?
4. What should be the focus of franchisee coaches?

As a guide to perfecting this formula, this white paper explores:

1. Key questions service franchisors should ask
2. The unique focus of service franchisors
3. How service franchisors arrive at the winning formula
4. The role of technology in producing actionable insights

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How Service Franchises Create Actionable Insights

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