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March 2016

Franchise Success Factors – #1 Deliver a Consistent Brand Experience

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Fotolia_91011529_XSWhen it comes to building a successful franchise system, the ability of a franchisor to deliver a consistent brand across all locations demonstrates the maturity of the system and how well it is managed. On one hand, customers will develop a high level of trust towards a consistent brand and they will keep coming back; on the other hand, prospective franchisees will know the concept has been proven and will not hesitate to invest their money in the brand.  

Now the million dollar question: As a franchisor, how do you ensure your franchisees understand the brand elements and consistently deliver them in their daily interactions with customers?

Tip 1: Create a brand checklist

Delivering a consistent customer experience every time at every location requires a carefully outlined set of guidelines; from the way a location is laid out to how team members are dressed, successful franchisors have sets of checklists that describe all elements of how the brand is to be delivered.  

Develop checklists that will become the brand’s “secret sauce” and the recipe for success. Make it easy for franchisees and their teams to have the checklists top of mind all the time and to constantly refer back to them to ensure perfect execution.

Tip 2: Promote positive behaviours

Having a consistent brand starts with the focus that gets put on the corporate culture and how well the values are understood and respected across the management team, the staff at headquarters, the franchisees and their teams.  From training to field support, successful franchisors lead by example and their behaviour is aligned with the brand’s values.

Promote the behaviours that are contributing to the brand’s success and set them as the “golden standards”.  Through your monthly newsletter, online newsboard and frequent interactions with franchisees, publish exemplary behaviours to influence and guide the entire system.

Tip 3: Assess locations frequently

Executing perfectly against the brand’s standards sets the high performing franchisees apart from the rest and ensures their success as business owners.  Successful franchisors are supporting their franchisees in their daily operations and are able to identify actions they can take to maximize their performance.

Assess frequently how each location is applying the brand’s guidelines in their operation and provide franchisees with clear actions to help them meet the brand’s promise.  Provide each franchisee with a brand execution scorecard that will help them understand their performance and aim for excellence.  

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