CFA: 5 Ways to Boost the Impact of your Franchise Field Audits

By November 13, 2018News

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We were so pleased to be featured by the Canadian Franchise Association for our 5 Ways to Boost the Impact of your Franchise Field Audits. Here is an excerpt from the article.

When done the right way, field audits can foster franchisee development while highlighting needed business improvement areas

A franchise audit can sometimes seem like a hostile action. Franchisees might ask of field audits, “Why is head office policing the way I do business? Are they looking to find something wrong with my methods?” These are natural questions to ask – especially with the stress of running a business looming over a franchisee’s head. This mentality creates the picture of a franchisor being a cop, rather than coach, and represents the old way of performing audits. But field audits are far from hostile – in fact, they exist to empower franchisees and foster best practices within individual franchise units…

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