Celebrate Success As a High-Impact Franchise Coach

How to be a high impact franchise coach

For the past few weeks, we have been exploring articles on what it means to coach franchisees. In the first article, we explored building franchisee relationships, and why it is so important. In the second article, we looked to a couple of tactics, including active listening and co-creation. Now we are turning our attention to two more tactics in franchise coaching: broadcasting excellence and practicing discernment.

Celebrate Success

One way to build relationships is to “shine the spotlight” on success in the field. This cements already strong relationships with franchisees and creates internal “icons” for others to follow. It also fosters belief in the system and camaraderie in the field among the regions. Here are some neat ways to broadcast excellence in any system.

  • Videos of early adopters
  • Feature franchisee best practices on webinars
  • Feature successful field visits on internal Facebook group or by a president’s Facebook profile
  • Do Facebook lives showing best practices and share it broadly
  • Annual awards at franchise convention

Celebrating excellence creates a culture of success in your organization, and your franchisees can learn that this is a way to get their ideas get heard.

Practicing Discernment

Donald’s Trump’s rise to Presidency and Brexit will be analyzed for years to come. Today, people are looking to break down structures of old. Even experts such as Doctors and Lawyers are not seen in the same light as before, and there is a certain streak of rebellion across all industries. However, there needs to be some wisdom here in terms of approach. Some pitfalls that can happen if you lack discernment include:

  • Swaying from one idea to the next
  • Listening to the herd
  • Following the competition too closely and becoming “me too”
  • Rushing implementations
  • Coaches getting combative with management

As discussed in the point about co-creation, there is a time to listen, but also a time to not listen. It is important to stay clear-headed about what is right for the company, its customers and team members and what is not. To do this, it is important to remember your company’s core values and mission, and determine whether or not the benefit of the new ideas will outweigh the cost from both a financial and a time perspective.


While relationships in franchising can be complicated at times, the rewards are great in business and in life. I look forward to continuing to chat about coaching in more blog articles to come!

How to Be a High Impact Franchisee Coach

About Stefania

Stefania is the Sr. Marketing Director at FranchiseBlast. She comes from 20 years in the Marketing world, 10 of them in progressively Sr. positions in Marketing – most recently as the Director of Marketing and IT Development at Tutor Doctor. During the course of her career she has worked with companies like Microsoft, 3M, Shred-it and the Intercontinental Hotel. While at Shred-it, Stefania was recognized by Google as operating a best practice in managing a franchise PPC campaign and her website at Tutor Doctor won an “Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising” award by the Web Marketing Association in 2016.

Stefania has taken part in several speaking engagements across North America about entrepreneurship, franchising, marketing and technology and has volunteered for numerous organizations helping children, artists and educational institutions; she is a volunteer with Futurepreneur as a mentor, and does a number of community initiatives. She was also the past Communications Chair of the Queen’s Alumni Association of Toronto. She holds an MBA from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University. She lives in Vaughan, Ontario with her husband, Matthew and two children, AJ and Violet.

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