Field Audit Questionnaires: Restaurants

Our franchise field audit app is used by a franchise’s field support team (commonly called franchise business coaches) to ensure brand consistency and coach their franchisees on improving performance. This article is an overview of what restaurants (full service, fast casual or quick service restaurants) focus on during their field visits. These are not specific questions used in a field audit but rather generalizations of the subjects that are covered.


  • Freshness and appeal of the ingredients
  • The ingredients have been properly prepared/cut/stored
  • The standard portions are respected
  • Ingredients are labeled with opening dates to ensure first-in first-out product usage (FIFO)


  • The friendliness of the staff
  • The speed of the processes
  • The accuracy of orders
  • Respecting the brand promise with regards to greeting guests
  • Suggesting upsells


  • Cleanliness of the front of the house
  • Cleanliness of the back of the house

Brand consistency:

  • All marketing collateral is up to date
  • Standard uniforms in use
  • The decor is aligned with the brand standards at time of opening
  • Lighting (exterior/interior) working and in good repair
  • No hand-written signage visible

Food Safety:

  • Food is stored at adequate temperatures, fridge/freezer gaskets in good condition
  • Stale food is discarded
  • Food is properly dated
  • Food safety logs are in place and adequately used
  • Proper hand washing procedures in place
  • Proper sanitizing procedures in place

Franchisee coaching:

  • Cost of goods is inline with the franchise benchmarks
  • Labour costs are inline with the franchise benchmarks
  • Local marketing spend is adequate

When people think of field audits in the context of a restaurant, they first think of food safety. In fact, many franchises not only have their own coaches to evaluate food safety, but they also hire additional third party food safety auditors. That being said, food safety is baseline. The franchise coach has a wider view and is much more impactful on the financial performance of a location than a third party auditor.

Traditionally, franchises structured their audit questionnaire to group questions about Quality, Service and Cleanliness (even calling their visits QSC audits). However, to make the process more efficient for the field coach, many franchises today order the flow of questions in a field visit to start with the outside of the store, then the front of house, then the back of house and finally franchisee coaching. This more natural flow saves the coach steps and gives them more time to actually coach.


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