Field Audit Questionnaires: Service Franchises

Our franchise field audit app is used by a franchise’s field support team (commonly called franchise business coaches) to ensure brand consistency and coach their franchisees on improving performance. This article is an overview of what service franchises (mobile and brick & mortar) focus on during their field visits or remote performance assessments. These are not specific questions used in a field audit but rather generalizations of the subjects that are covered.


  • The friendliness of the staff
  • The speed of the processes
  • The accuracy in which the service is provided
  • Respect of the franchise’s methodology, both customer-facing and back-end processes
  • Respecting the brand promise with regards to greeting customers

Brand consistency:

  • All marketing collateral given to customers is up to date
  • Standard uniforms in use
  • The vehicle wraps and signage are aligned with the brand standards at time of opening
  • Vehicles are not damaged

Franchisee coaching:

  • Focus on growing top-line sales
  • The standard sales process, reviewing if benchmarks are achieved (# of calls, closing ratios)
  • Listening in on sales calls
  • Review local marketing spend in comparison to benchmarks
  • Review cash flow, especially when the franchise manages inventory (The Profit Mastery series by Steve LeFever addresses this nicely – and gives CFE credits!)

Legal compliance:

  • Insurance in place
  • Training/certifications up to date
  • Privacy laws are respected
  • Information is security stored
  • Employee background checks are properly completed
  • Employee drug tests (when applicable) are up to date

Mobile service franchises focus their efforts in a coaching conversation with their franchisee rather than via a site visit. Mobile service-based franchises almost exclusively focus on improving performance during coaching sessions. This is partially because there isn’t a store to visit, per say. Some review their franchisees by jumping in a truck and accompanying them on a standard day but it isn’t as common in this space. More importantly, due to the average unit-level economics of many service franchises, it is not always cost effective to send people out in the field to visit franchisees on a recurring basis.

From our perspective, observing how a service franchise addresses coaching paints a clearer picture of the different coaching stages within any franchise because it’s almost their only focus. They’ll spend more time with the franchisee talking about the sales process and supporting tools because it has the biggest impact on the franchisee’s economics.

The other elements we typically see evaluated in a mobile service franchise is around compliance. They will request that the franchisee sends them proof of insurance, proof that they are respecting privacy laws, quotes & invoices for a few recently performed jobs, etc. Most of this compliance work is typically done via franchisee self-assessments.


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