5 Tips for Better, Faster, Stronger Franchise Performance Reviews

Franchise Performance Reviews in Franchise AuditsAre you working hard, or are you working smart when it comes to franchise performance reviews? The audit process continues to evolve for franchise coaches and technical tools are changing the game. We compiled 5 tips based on the announced performance review trends we are seeing out there. As more and more franchise systems embrace these practices, we are seeing the entire community propel its way into the future. Also, coaches get to spend more time on what they do best: face-to-face interactions.

1.     Collect information before-hand

It’s important for the efficiency of the audit process that you collect all information required before you arrive on site. This will ensure the audit is as quick, painless and effective as possible, as you’ll have ample time to review the material before arriving onsite. Taking a deeper dive initially means your audit will yield better results and be more useful to both you and the franchisee.

2.     Automate KPI Data Collection

The automation of KPI data is another essential tool for when conducting an audit. This should be done from source systems such as point of sale, suppliers, voice of customer, online reviews, and other sources. By automatically collecting this data, you can store it in a central repository scorecard for easy access. This will allow you to develop comprehensive benchmarks, which can be used to focus field visits, and accurate review suspected franchisee fraud.

3.     Review Past Visits

With this data easily accessible, you’ll be able to efficiently review past visits, and use the tools at your disposal to highlight repeat weaknesses in a specific franchisees business. You won’t have to dig through dozens of reports — now, this information will be easily available and help focus your field visits. Then, when you head into the field to review them in person, you can preemptively prepare reports and suggestions targetting the weaknesses you’ve identified.

Franchise Coaches and Combined Insights

4.    Use a Coach Knowledge-Base

Scrap the timer and just focus on multiple-choices instead. Have coaches leverage a knowledge-base of common solutions or corrective actions to perform when certain situations arrive. Because those solutions are developed in more detail and easily attached in the review, the quality of the help is higher, and the coach doesn’t waste as much time. Using the central repository reduces variability between auditors so franchisees benefit from the combined knowledge of the group rather than of just their individual coach. maybe use the term action plan in this description too w/ automated follow-ups to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

5.    Eliminate and automate

As you take pictures during your visit, upload them right away to your platform, saving you the time and hassle of doing it back in your hotel at night. Try to avoid double-entry when sending a report to a franchisee — doubling this tedious work can really slow down the process. Additionally, by automating the report and corrective actions the franchisee must take, you can save yourself time, and enable the franchisee to react more quickly to the recommendations. Then, you can include a franchisee satisfaction survey, to compile feedback in a timely manner.

Enhance the franchise field audit process