Franchise Success Factor – #2 Engage your franchisees

As the franchise system grows, the challenge of keeping franchisees engaged and connected multiplies and should become a key priority of the franchisor to ensure a sustainable growth.  To help maintain a strong connection between the franchisees and the corporate office, the management team must foster a culture of transparency and trust, at all levels of the system.  

Now the million dollar question: As a franchisor, how do you engage your franchisees in the system and support them to succeed?

Tip 1: Set up a newsboard

Communicate, communicate, communicate!  There can never be too much communication with the franchisees to help them feel connected with the system and close the geographic gap.   From new openings, to personal news, successful franchisors constantly share information with their franchisees to keep them informed of what’s going throughout the system.

Share pertinent information on a digital newsboard your franchisees will be able to access anytime from anywhere.  Entertain your audience by adding photos and videos to your posts and reply to comments to create an engaging conversation.

Tip 2: Run a franchisee satisfaction survey

Listen, listen, listen!  Your franchisees are running the business day-to-day and they have experiences to share.  The more you listen, the more engaged and supported they will feel; and the more they will contribute back to the system.  From your field visit to your annual conference, successful franchisors create space for the franchisees to share their input.

Learn what your franchisees really think about the franchise by running a quarterly satisfaction survey.  Not only you will be able to offer a channel from your franchisees to express their thoughts, you will also be able to monitor the overall level of satisfaction of your franchisees.

Tip 3: Reward top performing franchisees

Recognize, recognize, recognize! As business owners, your franchisees will appreciate when you recognize their effort and demonstrate that you care.  The rewards do not have to be monetary, from a simple email from the CEO to the Franchise of the Year award, successful franchisors understand that rewards create loyalty and engagement towards the system.

Reward people demonstrating the right behaviour at every level within every franchise.  Leveraging your performance management system, on top of the constructive feedback mentioned in the previous tip, capture what the franchisees are doing well and find a way to reward them when they do something excellent.

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