Franchisee Field Audits App

By October 15, 2014Field Audits

FranchiseBlast has recently released a franchisee field audits app. We considered writing a simple blog post to explain field audits and demonstrate our application, but thought creating an interactive guide would be more fun! We used the popular tool to publish this guide.

Franchisors: Learn about the Franchisee Field Audits App by FranchiseBlast! 

  1. Improve unit-level economics: guide your franchisees into improving both their top line sales and their profits.
  2. Engage franchisees: engaged franchisees not only follow the system & succeed, they help improve it.
  3. Ensure compliance: continuous reviews help ensure consistency across the system.
  4. Reduced Overhead: Electronic evaluations eliminate inefficient manual work and allow for better analysis.

You can view the guide by clicking here or inline below: