Franchising Trends: Delivery and Remote

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2020 has been a year like no other. And, we have been in awe of the franchising community’s resistance and flexibility in the face of these changes. When the COVID-19 outbreak eventually goes into the history books, we foresee some of the accelerated trends during this time to be here to stay.

One of the biggest trends we have seen is an increase in delivery and remote models. For restauranteurs, 70% of Americans order delivery or takeout once a week, and digital ordering and delivery has grown by 20.2% in one year. There are similar trends across other sectors served by the franchising community. Take a look at how franchisors of all sizes and industries are leading the way into 2021.

Virtual Tours Done with Care

CarePatrol, a National US Senior Care Placement firm shifted as the world has to provide virtual tours of care homes to their clients. According to their website: “While we may not be able to meet with you in person, we are able to assist by audio and visual chats and provide virtual tours. As such, we are fully committed to continue providing you with the expertise and guidance you have come to trust.”

The company is also offering support calls remotely to their franchisees, recording the information in FranchiseBlast. These new delivery models could translate into new options for CarePatrol customers.

Providing Options to Unstick Parents

With parents globally scrambling to offer homeschooling to their children, Mathnasium is offering a remote option. The math-only learning center dedicated to building a love of the subject in students offers Mathnasium at Home using the same method and instructors that one would find in the center. In another creative way to bring options to customers, they also offer Prime Study Space, a safe, clean space for a remote classroom. Some of these creative options could make it into a Post-Pandemic environment.

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Packaging for the Win

In a world where delivery is moving to the forefront, packaging plays a key role, as it does in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) world. Among those ordering takeout and delivery, 84% agree that packaging is important when placing an order. Eco-packaging is emerging as a key trend in this space. Chipolte uses a combination of customized and non-customized eco-friendly packaging in its 2,600 plus. This balances both cost and eco-friendliness. Packaging will continue to play a key role in delivery culture.

Ghostkitchens Unleash Creativity

With Ghostkitchens getting more and more capable from a culinary standpoint, franchisees are chosen for their Marketing power, including celebrities. Nextbite has recently partnered with Wiz Khalifa to build food concept, Hotbox by Wiz. With no need to remodel, change expensive menus, or no worry of perceived failure if there is a menu change, they can be data-driven and flexible in their approach. As consumers buy more and more online, these innovative concepts are here to stay.

As we look to 2021, we will continue to watch these exciting trends play center stage as the world heads for a change.

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