Databox: Top Marketing KPIs

We are pleased to be featured on the databox blog on 28 Advertising KPIs that Every Marketer Should be Tracking. These list the top Marketing KPIs, and are definitely worth a read. Sr. Marketing Director, Stefania Sigurdson Forbes says:

“If you’re only going to track one metric, I would recommend tracking cost per lead (CPL),” says Stefania Sigurdson Forbes of FranchiseBlast. “It is your North Star.” 

“Qualified leads are people who are looking for your product and are qualified to buy it; vendors contacting you or spam don’t count.”

“The disadvantage of this metric is that if you are not spending on media, it doesn’t work. It also reflects the media type that you are using, not just the quality of your site.”

To learn about how to track Marketing KPIs in your franchise, check out FranchiseBlast’s performance tools.