Sample Objectives and Key Results (OKR) for Gym and Fitness Franchises

Gym and Fitness Franchise Sample OKRs

According to the 2019 IHRSA Global Report, worldwide, the industry saw membership grow to a “record-high” 183 million users, revenue totaling an estimated $94 billion, and club count exceeding 210,000 facilities in 2018. As the global landscape shifts, we will still see gyms making a meaningful contribution to the economy.


  1. O: Increase franchisee revenue.
    1. KRs:
      1. Grow membership by 10%.
      2. Grow inbound leads by 20% from online sources.
      3. Book trial with 40% of inbounds.
      4. Get sales conversion rate to 80%.
  1. Initiatives:
    1. Create Facebook campaign with agency.
    2. Put front desk staff through sales training provided by head office.
    3. Perform monthly review of leads vs. trials on FranchiseBlast scorecard.
    4. Work on lead quality of PPC (pay-per-click) and display campaigns together with agency.
  1. O: Increase profitability through marketing efficiencies.
    1. KRs:
      1. Make cost per lead $50.
      2. Have a member retention rate of 70% (existing clients at the end of the period/existing clients at the beginning of the period).
      3. Increase community marketing leads by 20%.
      4. Increase leads from signage by 10%.
  1. Initiatives:
    1. Work with property management group to have an attention-grabbing sign out front.
    2. Participate in local wellness expo.
    3. Host benchmark workout session with members for ongoing performance improvement.
    4. Place flyers for “first week free” at businesses in the same plaza.
  1. O: Delight our customers.
    1. KRs:
      1. Maintain a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50.
      2. Increase member engagement in group fitness by 10%.
      3. Put 90% of members through the outstanding onboarding program released by head office.
      4. Expand social media engagement by 50%.
  1. Initiatives:
    1. Host one customer appreciation event.
    2. Perform quarterly analysis of NPS with team on FranchiseBlast.
    3. Ask staff to post pictures on social media of members reaching milestones on a monthly basis.
    4. Engage in seasonal giveaway campaigns of branded merchandise with social media component.

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