Let your customers tell you about their experiences.

One of the core modules in FranchiseBlast is the franchisee field audits app which gives you an internal audit of your franchisees. However, what do your customers think of your franchisee? Your field consultant won’t be on premise 24/7 and won’t be able to see everything. Customer satisfaction surveys provide an external audit of your franchisees. Field audits and customer satisfaction results are complementary and both help to paint the complete picture of your franchisee’s performance.

Keep it simple

As always, our philosophy is to keep it simple. FranchiseBlast allows you to easily integrate customer satisfaction surveys into your website. We believe you should keep it very brief (even a single question!) as longer surveys will reduce the response rate. Furthermore, if a customer reports a problem, FranchiseBlast automatically tracks the issue in our task management system to ensure that the franchisee is accountable for getting the problem fixed. And obviously, as with any important performance data, these metrics get tracked in our benchmarking dashboard. Furthermore, if you use other customer satisfaction systems such as in-store kiosks or mystery shopper programs, we’ll integrate with those too.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys by FranchiseBlast

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