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As a franchisor, it is essential for you to periodically visit and evaluate your franchisees. The FranchiseBlast Franchisee Field Audits App lets you schedule, perform, analyze, and act upon field audits to improve your franchise.

Because of the distributed nature of a franchise, franchisee field audits are a key component of continuous franchise improvement. Being in constant contact with your franchisees helps you:

  • Improve franchisee engagement
  • Enhance unit-level economics
  • Ensure franchisee compliance

Field support staff can also take advantage of the ability to capture photographs during their field audits and include them directly in their reports. A photograph provides one of the best ways to identify and document problems, making sure that they get resolved in a timely way!

While each franchise system names these differently (“store performance assessments”, “franchisee evaluations”, “field visits”, “store audits”, “field operations reviews”, among many other examples), field audits simply introduce a structured process and standardized evaluation questionnaires to franchisee visits.

Being SaaS, our Franchisee Field Audits App can reduce field operations and infrastructure overhead while providing field support staff with critical information delivered through a secure and easy-to-access platform. The solution is compatible with the Apple iPad or any other internet-connected device.

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Franchisee Field Audits App

Ensure brand consistency across your franchise


  • Schedule audits
  • Visualize your calendar
  • Audit reminders
  • Review past audits


  • Snap Pictures
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Works Offline
  • Audits & other checklists


  • Units remaining to visit
  • Corrective actions
  • Powerful analytics
  • System-wide weaknesses

Our field audit app helps record formalized conversations between your franchise business coaches and your franchisees. These can be in the field or on remotely (as is the case for a virtual visit). Our system is also flexible enough to track interactions of any type, not just audits which result in an overall evaluation score.

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“I was amazed at how easy it was to extract actionable insights from our franchise field audits when we started using FranchiseBlast. Our franchisee audits now have an impact. We use them to make data-driven decisions to help drive growth.”
Pino Di Ioia – CEO BeaverTails

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