FranchiseBlast allows you to store all information related to your franchisees in one place.

Franchise Events

Track important franchise events such as franchisee agreements, insurance or lease renewals, royalty changes and violations within FranchiseBlast. Easily filter stores to find who’s up for renewal in the next three months or who has active violations which need to be dealt with. Receive automatic reminders of important events to ensure you act on time. Best of all, the system is integrated with other apps within FranchiseBlast. For example, violations can be generated automatically during field audits and closed automatically when their associated task is marked as closed.

Franchise Documents

In addition to our general purpose document repository, we allow franchisor staff to associate documents to individual franchisees or users. Associate contracts to franchise locations, include pictures of franchisees or keep track of the evolution of their store front.

Franchisee Operational CRM

You can also track notes on every franchise location or franchisee. Record any phone calls you had with the franchisee as it may prove to be useful material in case of future litigation. FranchiseBlast can also archive your emails; simply forward/BCC the emails to FranchiseBlast and they will automatically be associated to the franchisee.

Franchise Information Depot by FranchiseBlast

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