Automatically collect information from your franchisees


Tired of chasing down your franchisees for information? Our franchisee polling module fully automates this process. Either once or on a recurring schedule, we automatically send out the poll to your franchisees. Our low-friction approach lets them easily submit the required information and report it back to you in a centralized dashboard.

The best part? If a franchisee forgets to submit their information, we send them automated reminders until they fill out the information.

Franchisees benefit from our platform too! Instead of just sending information into the void, they get to benchmark their own information with the whole franchise or their territory.

Franchisee Polling & Surveys

Collect information from the field efficiently


  • Franchisee Surveys
  • Request Pictures & Files
  • COVID-19 Compliance
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Digital Signage Snapshot
  • Branding Reviews


  • Self-assessments
  • Collect key metrics
  • Collect P&L statements
  • Proof of marketing spend
  • Proof of insurance
  • New Unit Checklists

Daily Polls

  • Restaurant line checks
  • Opening/closing audit
  • Daily manager walks
  • Daily deposit logs
  • HACCP logs
  • Daily activity log

Polling in FranchiseBlast’s Packages

  • In our Quality package, polling is used to increase self-assessment completion rates by wrapping the collection in a process.
  • In our Coaching package, polling is also used to collect key performance metrics from franchisees, when integrations are not possible.
  • The Coaching package also allows you to perform daily polls, which are often interesting in franchisee-level scenarios (used in the day-to-day store-level operations).


“The polling has helped to ensure that there is a level of accountability in place
while ensuring all standards are met”
Michael Nault – Senior Director of Operations at Harvey’s


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