Automatically collect information from your franchisees on a recurring basis

Tired of chasing down your franchisees for information? Our franchisee polling module fully automates this process. On a recurring schedule, we automatically send out the poll to your franchisees. Our low-friction approach lets them easily submit the required information and reports it back to you in a centralized dashboard.

The best part? If a franchisee forgets to submit their information, we send them automated reminders until they fill out the information.

Franchisees benefit from our platform too! Instead of just sending information into the void, they get to benchmark their own information with the whole franchise or their territory.

Typical Use Cases

Franchisee Polling Solution for the Collection of KPI Data

Polling in FranchiseBlast’s Packages

  • Our Brand Consistency package lets you execute one-time polls (ad-hoc). Your franchisees are invited to fill out this questionnaire. You can launch as many as you want, but cannot utilize our recurring launch functionality.
  • In addition to one-time polls, our Performance package lets you schedule recurring polls to go out annually, quarterly or monthly. This typically supports most franchisor-level scenarios where information needs to be provided by the franchisees.
  • In addition to the above, our Performance Plus package lets you schedule polls that go our weekly, daily or even hourly. While the franchisor has visibility into the data, this frequency typically implies supporting franchisee-level scenarios (used in the day-to-day store-level operations).

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