Get feedback from your franchisees on how to improve

The franchisor-franchisee relationship is complex. On one hand, franchisors must ensure brand consistency and compliance across all locations. Otherwise, a rogue franchisee could damage the brand and, indirectly, the investments made by all the other franchisees in the system. However, on the other hand, if the franchisor behaves like a cop instead of a coach, this creates an unpleasant unilateral dynamic. Keeping these elements in mind is an important element of designing a proper field audit program.

Franchisee satisfaction surveys are a way to make the relationship less unilateral. The franchisor can request feedback from franchisees on their areas of improvement as a system, the effectiveness of their field coaches or simply to get strategic feedback from franchisees about where to take the system.

By continuously listening and improving based on feedback from their franchisees, franchisors create a system where the franchisees are happy and engaged. In turn, these franchisee satisfaction surveys become a powerful sales tool for the franchise development department.

Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys by FranchiseBlast

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