Automate the collection of key performance indicators.

Improving performance is a multi-faceted challenge. Franchisors need to aggregate information from a number of different systems. FranchiseBlast can automate the collection and benchmarking of key performance indicators.

Collect information from franchisees.

Franchisors can leverage our polling app to collect information from franchisees on a recurring basis. An email is sent off to all franchisees who fill out a form on their computer or mobile device. The entered metrics can automatically bubble into our benchmarking app and/or be simply downloaded to Excel. This is a more manual approach to collecting information as the franchisee needs to actively provide the details but is sometimes the simplest way to start collecting some information.

Collect information from third party systems.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, we can consider custom data importers or API integrations. We’ve implemented data importers from POS systems, accounting systems, loyalty programs, customer satisfaction systems, food safety audit companies, etc. Our software engineers can discuss specifics with you.

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