Line checks are some of the most important daily procedures within a restaurant.

These processes are often paper-based, making traceability a difficult task for multi-unit operators. Without a structured process in place, your restaurant operators will likely struggle to consistently execute line checks. FranchiseBlast requests checklists to be filled out by store staff on a recurring basis. Daily food safety logs, weekly inventory receiving logs and quarterly self-assessments are all fired automatically.

Store staff fill in details on any device and the results are aggregated in real-time. Any missing information is easily identified, allowing you to act immediately before issues transform into costly liabilities.

Although not all restaurants use the same name for line checks, our line check app can be used for:

  • Restaurant Line Checks
  • Temp Checks
  • HACCP Logs
  • Food Safety Logs
  • Critical Control Checklists
  • Manager Walks
  • Store Opening Checklist
  • Store Closing Checklist
  • Inventory reception checklists

Restaurant Line Check App by FranchiseBlast

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