Improved Franchisee Audits, Coaching, Engagement and Performance

FranchiseBlast provides the right information to service franchisors to grow their franchise system through improved franchisee communication, operations and performance. Whether the franchisor provides automotive, business, commercial, personal, real estate and residential services having an easy way to securely centralize and present actionable insights requires automation, standardization and the right workflows. FranchiseBlast provides the franchise management apps, infrastructure and support needed to improve operations and performance.

Service Franchisee Scorecards

As a summary report, franchisees and field coaches can use the insights provided by FranchiseBlast’s Scorecards to quickly view a franchisee’s areas of improvement. To increase franchisee engagement, the Scorecards are delivered online and as a downloadable file with email alerts.

FranchiseBlast can aggregate, benchmark and summarize data from dozens of sources including field audits, self-assessments, customer satisfaction surveys, financial statements and other third party apps. The Scorecards help franchisees and field coaches to focus on a handful of issues instead of being overwhelmed with reporting and data.

Service Franchisee Benchmarking

Franchisee Benchmarking Software Solution by FranchiseBlast

Whereas the Scorecards summarize areas of improvement, FranchiseBlast’s Benchmarking app allows franchisees and franchisors to understand a franchisee overall performance. FranchiseBlast works with franchisors to define the key drivers of their franchise systems to ensure the right data is delivered and presented in a user-friendly way. This allows franchisees and franchisors to focus on key performance metrics, drill down for a more granular analysis and improve unit-level economics.

Easily compare key metrics such as sales, profits, customer satisfaction, audit scores and other key metrics. The franchisee can also view their past performance for the metric during any time period. FranchiseBlast also provides any number of comparison groups such as all franchisees, by geography, by top performers and years as a franchisee.

Data Integration

Connect with FranchiseBlast's API

FranchiseBlast offer a REST API to enable you to integrate our solutions with other systems. Examples include exporting data from FranchiseBlast into a franchisor’s data warehouse or importing data into the Benchmarking app base on the frequency needed by the franchisor such as monthly or daily.

FranchiseBlast also provides a Polling app to automatically collect information from franchisees on a recurring basis. The solution automatically sends out the poll to franchisees and reminds them about the poll until they complete the task.

Service Field Audit App and Self-assessments

Franchisee Field Audit App Report Images

Periodic field visits and evaluations help to ensure the collection of data and continual improvement through franchisee coaching. This also provides franchisees with the opportunity to improve the system through feedback. FranchiseBlast’s Franchisee Field Audits app enables scheduling, performing, analyzing, creating action plans and tasks. It also creates accountability by tracking how field coaches follow-up with franchisees and improve system-wide performance.

Franchisee Self-assessments Software Solutions by FranchiseBlast

Although brick and mortar service franchisors can take advantage of the franchisee Self-assessments software solution, mobile service franchisors may find that it ideal given their business model and unit-level economics. This app helps service franchise business coaches bridge the gap in their program if they visit franchisees on a quarterly basis or less frequently, such as yearly or every two years. Self-assessments help franchisees to continuously improve. Franchisors can leverage the power of self-assessments to request pictures from franchisees of their location, vehicle or other items which are relevant to the brand.

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