Sell more franchises with these tips

Most franchises want to grow. Some of our clients only want to open a few new locations next year. Others have been growing consistently by 20% every year. Some even have the great ambition of doubling in size next year. The whole franchise model is predicated on growth.

So what can you do to sell more franchises?

Follow these three tips:

  1. Improve unit-level economics
  2. Improve franchisee engagement
  3. Improve brand consistency

Easy, right? Hah – not so much. All three of these are long term initiatives to continuously improve performance. If you want easy: hire a great closer or give lavish commissions to franchise consultants and push your franchise onto anyone who can write you a check. However, that’s a horrible idea as it isn’t sustainable: your locations will close and you will fail.

Replicability AND sustainability are the keys of the franchise business model. Achieve those and you’ll be able to switch to a franchisee recruitment philosophy instead of a sales philosophy. Screen for culture fit and make decisions based on quality rather than quantity. Using this strategy will accelerate the virtuous cycle you put in place with continuous franchise improvement.

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