Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop Improves Old-Fashioned Luxuries with New Technology

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November 1st, 2018, Toronto: Sometimes a haircut is more than just a haircut — it’s an experience – one that will now be bolstered by technology. Tommy Gun’s, a family-owned upscale chain of barber shops offering a 1930s aesthetic is employing mobile-friendly technology with human-centered workflows to further enhance their business model.

Supported by FranchiseBlast’s Performance Tools, Tommy Gun’s is enhancing its ability to track the metrics of success that each location relies on to thrive. FranchiseBlast, an Ottawa-based technology firm, provides a comprehensive suite of tools for franchises looking to streamline their field coaching processes. With this in their arsenal, the franchisor not only ensures operational compliance but also coaches franchisees to improve their performance.

The solution also allows Tommy Gun’s to aggregate data from Voice of the Customer tool, Listen360, Google Reviews and their point of sale into one convenient location for easy analysis. By incorporating these tools, Tommy Gun’s is looking for point-and-shoot efficiency on the business side, so they can spend even more time on their legendary customer service.

“We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely high level of customer service,” says Darcy Curtis, Director of Barbershop Operations at Tommy Gun’s. “By making the business management side easier and quicker, we can focus on the thing that matters most — giving our customers an exceptional barbershop experience!”

Through the aggregation of data, franchisee coaches are spared the lengthy and monotonous task of copy and pasting data into folders. FranchiseBlast’s Performance Tools saves them time so they can spend more time connecting with individual franchisees.

“A franchisee coach’s time is much better spent actually talking to people, rather than punching in numbers and copy and pasting,” Jason Kealey, President of FranchiseBlast, said. “Our tools make these processes more efficient, so coaches can get back to doing what they do best. Additionally, franchisees gain access to benchmarked data, guiding them on improving their individual weaknesses compared to the franchise as a group.”

About Tommy Gun’s

Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop is Canada’s largest family-owned network of barbershops, blending 1930’s vintage barbershop grooming with modern amenities, men’s unique grooming products and the latest styles. Our 60+ locations across Canada provide guests with the epitome of male grooming. At Tommy Gun’s, our mission is to ensure that every guy who visits walks away feeling and looking his best.

About FranchiseBlast

Since 2007 FranchiseBlast has helped franchises in their quest for operational excellence. Integrating best practices from some of the world’s best-known brands, FranchiseBlast combines elegant usability with turn-key quickstart programs. FranchiseBlast’s clients include brand aggregators such as Focus Brands and individual franchise brands such as BeaverTails, Pita Pit and Tropical Smoothie Café among many others.


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